Pacific Connect & Support Inc. aims to promote unity among the people groups of Oceania by recognising their ethnic background, values and traditions.

We promote the development of the spiritual, mental, physical and the social well being of people within our community. We liaise with stakeholders to provide opportunities in the community for education, employment, sports and recreation. 
We provide support in relation to government services, education, employment, housing, health, welfare, immigration, legal and other services where a need may be identified. 
We raise awareness about issues which affect people of Oceania by educating and promoting Human Rights. 


Pacific Connect & Support Inc. currently provides the following support services:
Southern Queensland Correctional Centre (Now for Women)
We have been facilitating Pacific Island Elders Support Group in S.Q.C.C on a weekly basis since early 2014. During our visits we aim to restore identity and connection whilst preparing them for reintegration back into the community. We continue our support upon their release to assist them in seeking opportunities, such as employment and education, to avoid the possibility of further incarceration. Our support also stretches out to their families, to help re-establish and/or maintain family connection (where possible). 
Mandatory Visa Cancellations (Section 501 & Section 116 Migration Act 1958)
In 2014, amendments were made to the Migration Act 1958 which allows visas to be cancelled automatically based on Character Grounds. Many unsuspecting Visa holders and their families are experiencing these changes without the support and knowledge of how to proceed with applications for appeals. Recently, these cancellations have increased considerably with application of the additional cancellation powers under Section 116 of the Migration Act 1958.
People affected by these legislative changes have had to quickly adapt. We provide such support to people who have been affected by these changes within the community (family support) & through Immigration Detention Facilities and Correctional Centres.

Brisbane Immigration and Transit Accommodation 
In early 2015, we started weekly support for all detainees requiring assistance at the Brisbane Immigration and Transit Accommodation Centre at Pinkenba.
24 Hour Phone Support
We offer 24hr phone support to family/friends of and detainees in Immigration Detention facilities all over Australia, and offshore at Christmas Island. Due to the high number of detainees who have been affected by the changes to the Migration Act 1958, we often hear stories of desperation from the people being detained, and especially from those who have been taken from the community in a moment's notice - especially those who through various limitations, have no or very little knowledge of what is happening to them. Our 24 hour phone support is there for detainees and/or their loved ones to have a chat about what they are going through, and to gain some knowledge of what to do next. 
Borallon Training and Correctional Centre & Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre
As we see more people going through the Visa cancellation process, we have found there is limited opportunity for prisoners to make educated decisions with the handling and completion of the appeal process. Last year, we started weekly (BTCC) & monthly (AGCC) 501 & 116 Support Groups for anyone requiring assistance.  
We are committed to engaging, connecting and assisting; people, families, groups & organisations through conducting relevant projects, in order to positively impact & help build better communities.